Energy Drink Lemon


WCUP Energy Drink combines a high dose of carbohydrates (40g) and the perfect amount of electrolytes needed in a compact gel.


Decaffeinated energy gel that provides a fast energy supply

Mutli-level assortment of simple carbohydrates

Convenient resealable packaging, for easy sipping

Slow burning sugars that are ideal for consumption early in activity


100 gr / 80 ml Gel


1 packet during effort
Can be used both ready-to-use (straight from the packet) and diluted with water

Energy Drink Lemon

Nutritional values

 Per 100 gPer 80 ml
Energy160 kcal160 kcal
Carbohydrates40 g40 g
Carbohydrates of which sugars36 g36 g
Salt0,73 g0,73 g
Vitamine B10,48 mg0,48 g

Allergens present

None present

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