Protein Shake Chocolate


WCUP Protein Shake is a tasty, easy to digest and easy to prepare protein meal.  Use as a recovery and reconstruction meal for your muscles after a work out OR as a support meal in a weight control program.


Promotes muscle recovery with high quality proteins (= whey protein isolate)

20 g protein per serving for optimal anabolic effect after strength training

Dose & packaging

Container 1000 gr (about 40 servings)


1 portion in the morning and 1 portion about 1 hour before bedtime.
For strength sports: use before an effort / competition
In endurance sports: use after the effort / race.


Mix 1 scoop (25gr) in 250 ml water.

Protein Shake Chocolate

Nutritional values

 Per 100 gPer 25 g
Energy386 kcal96 kcal
Egg whites82 g20,4 g
Carbohydrates10 g2,5 g
Carbohydrates of which sugars1 g0,25 g
Fats2 g0,5 g
Saturated fats0,82 g0,21 g
Salt0,55 g0,14 g

Allergens present