About WCUP

WCUP is a sports nutrition brand that was born in Belgium in 1994, with an emphasis on various endurance sports markets.

The brand was founded by a cycling sport doctor, and doctor of biochemistry, whose combined professional experiences gave them insight into what endurance athletes need to be physically successful. Together, they thought about nutrition before, during, and after high-intensity sports and what the limits of an ordinary sports diet were.

Top level athletes may have been the target, but they are not the only ones to benefit from correctly balanced sports nutrition- enthusiasts to “weekend warriors” also benefit from having the best nutrition while cycling, running, or other endurance activities. WCUP strives to be their adviser, supervisor, and supporter for each and every goal any athlete wishes to achieve.

Key features of WCUP products;

  • Packaging more fuel into smaller portions
  • Maximized performance through balanced combinations of energy/nutrition sources
  • Designed to protect the body from exhaustion by improving stamina and endurance

All WCUP products have been extensively tested by top athletes and recognized independent laboratories. Over the years, all of our products have always changed with the demands of athletes and teams within sports, and undergone constant improvements. This allows us the ability to say that every WCUP product is 100% pure and approved by the FASFC (Federal Agency for Food Safety) http://www.afsca.be

By starting WCUP USA we are expanding our international presence, and look forward to becoming the nutrition brand of choice for discerning American athletes.